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We wrote Food24’s most popular recipe - entirely in emoji

We think maybe someone had too much time on their hands...

by: Katy Rose | 03 Oct 2018
peppermint crisp tart emoji recipe

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Emoji, the keyboard of symbols and characters, is almost essential to any written correspondence. When I say “correspondence” what I really mean are the innumerable texts, WhatsApp messages, emails and tweets that we all send on a daily basis. Naturally, food emojis are some of our favourites, with endless debate about the correct usage of the aubergine symbol or if that pot of food is a paella or curry? 

With a floury finger swipe, we all use our phones and tablets in the kitchen. Most Food24 readers are using our recipes on their mobile device, no doubt navigating their way through one of our Easy Weekday Meals. So what better way to speak mobile than to ‘translate’ one of our all-time favourite recipes, Peppermint Crisp tart - into the language of the world. 

We give you...

peppermint crisp tart emoji recipe

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