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WATCH: Jamie Oliver’s 10-year-old son hosts his own cooking video and it’s the most adorable thing

Is Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver the internet's next pre-teen celebrity chef?

20 Feb 2020
jamie oliver's son Buddy Oliver

Buddy’s Simple Bolognese is the name of the recipe that Jamie Oliver’s oldest son, Buddy Bear Maurice demonstrated in a video on Jamie’s Instagram account last week. 

It’s naturally evident that young Buddy knows his way around a saucepan – he’s been watching his dad cook since birth and has even featured in a few of Jamie’s previous TV shows. He’s made it clear he can hold his own on camera and delivers a faultless performance. Having to talk while cooking is deceptively difficult and a skill that few can master, but Buddy has learnt from the best in the biz. 

The youngster injects his own fun and youthful quirkiness into the video, like using props to prevent the onions from making him cry (skiing goggles). He’s also got the lingo down, saying "We're going to let this cook for two to three hours on a low heat because you want to let it reduce and be nice and sticky". And it’s balsamic vinegar (instead of wine) that makes it ‘Buddy Bolognese’,  he says. 

Watch the full video below.

Could Buddy Oliver be following in his father’s chef shoes? 

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