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Vegan cheese is now also known as Gary

Veganism has once again been put under the spotlight, in the most hilarious way, after a woman’s Facebook rant about vegan cheese went viral.

by: Chanté Felix | 19 Oct 2016
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The HuffingtonPost recently reported that Sainsbury's, a UK chain of supermarkets, launched a new range of dairy-free vegan cheese and naturally called it vegan cheese. One particular Facebook user found this appalling and resorted to what so many of us do best - a social media rant.

She stressed the fact that the cheese is in fact not cheese because it’s made of coconut and thus should not be called cheese. She said, “Call it Gary or something don’t call it cheese because IT’S NOT CHEESE!!!!!!” She also verbally abused Sainsbury's and basically told vegan cheese eaters not to come to her cheese and wine parties...

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This epic rant was met with the most hilariously, fitting response from Sainsbury's, the vegan community and non-vegans.

Facebook pages have lately also been erupting with memes embracing Gary as the new name for vegan cheese.

We all know that vegan cheese is not real cheese – it’s definitely not made with milk – but how big of a deal is it to call it cheese? Why are people so dead set on not calling vegan products by their “original” name? It surely isn’t that big of a deal, or is it?

In recent months veganism and particularly vegan shaming have been under the spotlight. Vegans and vegetarians are all too familiar with the hate and ridiculing from the other side of the spectrum which we see on social media platforms regularly. 

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There’s probably always going to be this constant beef (excuse the pun) between people who choose to be vegan or vegetarian and those who do not. The Gary social media rant is only one of the forms that this beefs shows up in...

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Do you mind vegan food products being called being called by their non-vegan name? (
Vegan-cheese, vegan-milk, vegan- burgers etc) 

- Chante Felix

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