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Trend alert: Research shows that unicorn ice cream is the most popular ice cream sold

Rainbow colored ice cream is not only pretty to look at, apparently it is the best flavoured ice cream out there.

24 Jul 2018
a scoop of unicorn ice cream

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We have seen our fair share of this colourful, sparkly, glittery trend. Foodies have managed to hunt down every amazing unicorn food item there is, from unicorn cakes to Frappuccinos and plenty more.

The unicorn ice cream trend has now been dubbed America’s trendiest ice cream flavor. According to Square, (a company that helps businesses process and track sales) from January to June the unicorn ice cream trend has increased by a total of 191%.

local American supermarket, Target has even gone as far as producing unicorn magic ice cream and sell it to consumers.

Mini Review: New Unicorn Magic ice cream from Target! Let's be honest, when I first saw this flavor, I wasn't too thrilled another company hopped on the unicorn bandwagon. Couldn't the unicorn everything stay in Germany, where the food trend started in 2016? Nevertheless, I bought the ice cream anyway. This flavor draws obvious parallels to the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino released last April. The Frap had a pink-colored mango-flavored base with a blue drizzle and sour blue powder. This Market Pantry ice cream also has a pink fruity base with a sour blue raspberry swirl. However, it also has a frosting swirl and glitter candy bits. I wasn't a huge fan of the Frappuccino, thinking it was too sour and astringent. So, how is this ice cream? The ice cream surprisingly works! I typically prefer fruity ice cream flavors over anything else, so the base is a win for me. The flavor is kind of faint compaired to the mix-ins, but it's not overly artifical tasting and it's REAL ice cream. Not low fat, not frozen dairy dessert, this is the real stuff. The blue raspberry swirl is reminiscent of a popsicle and has a gritty sugar texture that is actually pleasant. The frosting swirl is gooey and more like a marshmallow swirl. It's not as prevalent in the ice cream as the blue raspberry. Finally, the glitter candy bits are like a giant, solid white chocolate swirl with flecks of color. The bits provide a crunchy texture, but if you have too much in one bite, the flavor just becomes white chocolate. That brings me to another point. There's a lot going on here in this ice cream with the four different components. Every bite is different than the previous based on the ratios of what makes it to your spoon. It's pretty fun to eat. Overall, this ice cream is a bit magical, mainly in the way it turned a unicorn product into something enjoyable. 8/10.

2,366 Likes, 54 Comments - @candyhunting on Instagram: "Mini Review: New Unicorn Magic ice cream from Target! Let's be honest, when I first saw this..."

An Instagram user described the taste as "a pink fruity base with a sour blue raspberry swirl, a frosting swirl, and glitter candy bits." It also includes edible glitter!

Definitely sounds delicious, have a look at some of these trendy unicorn ice cream posts:

Unicorn Party???? Night well Spent with @kellaay79 ?? . . #icecream #whiskcreamery #delicious #unicorn #waffles #adorable #unicornicecream

20 Likes, 7 Comments - @shayeger301 on Instagram: "Unicorn Party???? Night well Spent with @kellaay79 ?? . . #icecream #whiskcreamery #delicious..."

#icecream #japanesefishcake #unicorntreats #unicornicecream

2 Likes, 1 Comments - Lin?? (@sugarsweetlegend) on Instagram: "#icecream #japanesefishcake #unicorntreats #unicornicecream"

Unicorn ice-cream. Officially in heaven ???? #unicornicecream #unicorn

145 Likes, 1 Comments - Parker ?? (@charlieparker_insta) on Instagram: "Unicorn ice-cream. Officially in heaven ???? #unicornicecream #unicorn"

Let us know what you think of the unicorn ice cream trend in the comments below!


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