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This fruity watermelon steak has food lovers divided

Anyone fancy some watermelon steak? Yes! watermelon steak is a thing!

07 Aug 2018
juicy watermelon sticks

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Craving that meaty, tender charry steak taste, but you're now vegan? Well Ducks Eatery, known for its tasty steaks, has tried its best to cater for the vegan and vegetarian community.

We're not sure whether to call this an amazing or just plain weird... but the restaurant has decided to serve watermelon steak, which before being cut, has a slightly similar appearance (apparently) to meat steak. We've chatted about vegetarians stealing the carnivore’s dictionary - but is this taking it too far?

Instead of slicing it up and enjoying your watermelon, the fruit goes through an almost torturous time-consuming process. The watermelon goes from being smoked for a couple of hours, to being marinated in a salt, ash and spice combination for 4 days, then smoked once again for quite some time to finally being roasted. Just reading the process seems like so much work…


THIS IS NOT A HAM!! | News Bites

This may look like a ham, but it's actually made from a whole watermelon! Join Foodbeast's Evan Lancaster on News Bites as he shows you how Ducks Eatery in NYC brings their "Watermelon Ham" to life.

Twitter users have responded to what many meat lovers see as an atrocity... and there’s a mix of emotions:

Kevin Galliford on Twitter

Who wants to try #WatermelonSteak with me? Watermelon grilled & charred, then when cut it looks like a rare steak. #Vegan ????

natalie on Twitter

FUN FACT OF THE DAY : Watermelon can be used as a meat substitute. Yes, you did not read that wrong. It's called "watermelon steak". When a watermelon is grilled or baked, a raw fish/tender raw meat like texture is produced. But the taste however is still very watermelony

Jennifer 8. Lee on Twitter

Watermelon steak." It really tastes like grilled steak texture.

nades on Twitter

If I see one more post about watermelon steak imma throw myself out the damn window

taysha-chanel. on Twitter

Can we pls stop retweeting that watermelon steak. I can't take seeing that monstrosity!!

Let us know what you think about this bizarre meal in the comments below!


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