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The creator of the Cronut® has just unveiled his latest dessert and it is almost too beautiful to eat

Don’t give your sweetheart a rose, give them a Fleur Pop!

by: Katy Rose | 06 Jul 2018

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New York City, NY - Dominique Ansel is back, and is wowing Instagram with his newest creation. The World’s Best pastry chef and owner of patisseries on 3 continents, is also the man who brought us the Cronut® - the unbelievable mashup of a croissant and donut. His new dessert was unveiled on Instagram this week. Watch as the chef himself introduces us to the Fleur Pop: 

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The Pop Fleur is made with a light, frozen whipped yoghurt with flavoured with fragrant Wakamomo peaches, a rare fruit from Japan. Pushing the frozen yoghurt up from the bottom and through the specially designed openings, the ice cream blossoms into a beautiful, delicious rose. 

In an ode to the North American summer, Chef Dominique has also revealed his What-a-Melon Soft Serve. A slice of fresh watermelon is dotted with dark chocolate “seeds” and then filled with fresh, bright watermelon soft serve ice cream. 

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And just to round out the pastry overload - here are a few of the finest Cronuts from the Dominique Ansel Bakeries in London, Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles

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