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A head-sized South African avocado variety is making it big in Australia, literally

The world’s largest avocado has been named the "Avozilla" and originates in SA.

by: Robyn Brittow | 13 Jul 2018

(image: iStock)

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The “Avozilla”, native to our South African soil, exceeds 1kg in weight - making it large enough to cover an entire sliced loaf of freshly baked bread or ensure an endless bowl of guacamole at your next party.

The Independent UK reported that an Australian company, Grove’s Grown Tropical Fruits farm, is the first to produce the fruit abroad from trees that were planted 4 years ago. However, any farmers who would like to produce the head-sized avocado have to receive permission from (and pay royalties) to Westaflia fruit, the South African growers who have trademarked the avocado. 

The "Avozilla" is not a genetically modified product, but a cross between the West Indian and Guatemalan varieties making it superior to the butter pear while being more resistant to diseases, say Westfalia Fruit.

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