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Pinterest releases their official annual trend report and we're loving it!

7 foodie-related trends made it onto our favourites list... Read more to find out which!

by: Chanté Felix | 15 Dec 2016
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Pinterest is the go-to place (other than Food24 obvs!) for inspiration and ideas - there's nothing that will unleash your inner creative being more than an in-depth Pinterest search for party ideas, new trendy recipes, you name it!

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Recently the ever popular social networking site revealed the Pinterest 100 - their official trend report for 2017. According to Pinterest's head of category insights, Stephanie Kumar, "The Pinterest insights team analyzed the search and save activity from the past year to identify the emerging trends on Pinterest. The final result is our official trend report, the Pinterest 100. It features the top 100 trends across key categories that we predict will be big in 2017. In order for a trend to make it into the report, it must show considerable year over year increase, critical mass and a strong upward trend during the final 3-6 months of the year."

The Pinterest 100 for 2017 board features a range of categories, including food so we've rounded up some of our favourites. 

1.These rainbow popsicles are a gift sent straight from heaven and they simply had to make it to the top our our list. Naturally sweetened and homemade, the sweet icy wonder's search figures are up by 44%. We can see ourselves enjoying this during the hot Summer days to come...

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2. Bowl food was everything this year and trendspotters are saying that it will continue trending in 2017. Yay! This year we loved everything from quinoa bowls to Buddha bowls and smoothie bowls. This Cuban quinoa bowl with spicy lemon cashew dressing is definitely bowl food goals - healthy, filling and balanced. According to Pinterest, healthy filling bowls are up by 200%!

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3. Alcohol as an art form - going above and beyond just making a standard cocktail - is up by 44%. Mixology, involving anything from exotic fruits, smoked herbs and basically being able to make your cocktail look like a work of art was definitely hot this year.

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4. On the topic of cocktails - cocktail recipes spiked by 4X with cocktail parties also picking up the pace. We are in love with this super-cute and useful bar cart.

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5. When a new year begins people are often keen on making "New Year's resolutions", here's one that you'll actually want to stick to - healthy snacks. Pinterest says that the searches for healthy snacks are up by an astonishing 200% with "clean eating chips" especially on the rise. Substituting zucchini for carbs was also quite popular this year so it's useful to note that zuchinni chips were up 83% at its peak this year.

6. "Navy is the black" for home decor went up by 80% this year and we must say that we're loving it and we can see it creeping into our kitchens very soon.

7. At food24 we love celebrating food holidays and we're more than happy to know that more and more people are getting into the spirit of this. Pinterest notes that searches for Taco Tuesday, alone, are up by an impressive 137%.

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Do you frequent the search engines of Pinterest regularly and which of these trends are you keen on (or already) following?

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