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Obama urges the wine industry to address climate change

Former President, Barack Obama spoke at the launch of the Porto Protocol, an initiative to promote environmentally conscious practices in wine making across the world.

by: Katy Rose | 13 Jul 2018
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Image sources: Getty/Porto Protocol 

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Porto, Portugal - In this ancient city, one of the oldest centres of trade and wine production in the world, wine industry and climate scientist met recently to launch the Porto Protocol. The founders describe the initiative as “a tool to engage the entire wine industry, encouraging it to work in concert towards our common goal: the minimization of the impacts of the Climate Change.

Former President of the United States, Barack Obama, addressed the congress as both an advocate for climate change prevention and an avid wine drinker. Speaking to industry leaders, Obama said, ‘For winemakers to share best practice in the face of rising temperatures makes perfect sense’ 

Barack is better known as a beer drinker, but has often been seen to be enjoying a glass of wine with his wife, Michelle. The former First Lady is something of wine expert, with a sophisticated palate. It was her recommendation that led to one of SA’s best loved sparkling wines, Graham Beck Brut, to be the wine of choice to celebrate his first presidential win in November 2008. 

The agreement focuses on an aspect that many family owned wine estates will immediately recognize - farming for future generations. This not only takes place on a smaller scale within the winery, but also on a wider scale as we consider how we market, package and transport wine to the consumer. Sustainable environmental practices are not just in vogue, but also “It is a competitive advantage.. It generates goodwill among consumers and helps protect an increasingly important dimension of our industry, wine tourism.” 

A strong voice of support from Barack Obama brings well deserved attention to the wine industry and its plan for a sustainable future, something that South African producers have long since adopted. We can look forward to more responsible wine drinking, both here and abroad. 

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