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Meat wars: Butcheries and restaurants face vandalism from passionate vegans

Butcheries, meat retailers and restaurants across the world are facing acts of vandalism due to their offering.

02 Jul 2018

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Earlier in June, Butcher Block Block and Chilli Plum Bistro in Durban faced acts of vandalism by a group that have been named the “vegan vigilantes”. They wrote, “meat is murder” in red spray paint across the two respective establishments, IOL reports. 

One might have expected the establishments to come back with something more abhorrent but they didn't. Instead, Butcher Block responded in a way that showed both respect and consideration. "We totally appreciate and value your opinion (and high rise writing skills) but don’t stress, we have no beef with you! There are some excellent vegetarian and vegan options in the greater Durban area for those unable to find something to their taste on our menu", they wrote on their Facebook page. 

And across the pond, a family-owned store in the UK - Marlow Butchers, told The Independent that they not only fear the safety of the establishment but fear the safety of their lives as well following their experience of vandalism and threats upon their business. 

This seems to be a growing trend as butchers and meat retailers across the world have faced the same damage, to such an extent that over 18 000 French butchers have come together and composed a letter requesting that the government deal with the small percentage of the vegan community who are vandalising their properties reports The Independent. The letter notes that this was in no way posing hatefulness towards vegans. 

With veganism steadily growing in South Africa ('vegan recipes' was the 4th top recipe search term on Google last year), there are many ways to spread awareness to non-vegans by sharing posts from sites and magazines such as South African Vegan Society or Vegan Life where they provide ways you can make a difference and tips for those who want to be clued up on veganism.

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