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McDonald's to start serving Michelin approved burger

The giant fast food chain is going 'gourmet'.

by: Ceili Mcgeever | 02 Feb 2016
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A Michelin approved McDonald’s burger? The two titles don’t make sense in the same sentence but it has been confirmed: McDonald’s have teamed up with Michelin starred chefs for their new ‘Signature Collection’ of burgers.

The range is going to be released in the UK in the coming months, and comes complete with table service so customers get a full Michelin experience, well... not quite but you get the picture. The concept will be tested in the UK at 400 stores and thereafter, if successful, will reach other parts of the world.

The burgers will cost  £4.69 which is  £2.00 more than a Big Mac.  I am unsure if the range will hit SA but I can’t imagine such a concept would be well received here.

Clearly this move by Maccy D’s is to keep up with the current shift in eating patterns and restaurant trends, as more people start taking an interest in the origin and preparation of their food. There is a noticeable trend of gourmet fast food and street style food that is prepared with quality ingredients and an ethical conscience.

It's evident with Cape Town restaurants like Junior, Easy Tiger and Tacqueria and the shift has left consumers expecting more, and with an all round desire for a higher standard of food. Not knowing where your burger patty comes from is no longer acceptable and conscious eating is all the rage.

The uncontrollable burger trend that swept over the nation last year created much competition with burger joints old and new. Burger specials are still being held at every second restaurant. And unfortunately for fast food chains like McDonald's, the bar has been raised. Burgers are not just a cheap meal anymore and they are more tasty than ever before.

McDonald’s did try to show their healthier side with the addition of salads, but the fact of the matter is that one doesn't look for health at McDonald's or any other fast food chain. A visit to Mac Donald's is a guilty pleasure or for those on a budget.

In the age of the foodie it’s no wonder McDonald’s are trying to spruce things up with Michelin star chefs.  It’s an interesting step but I’m not sure it’s in the right direction. I can’t see customers, who usually visit McDonald's for a cheap meal fix, being keen on exercising their palates at their favourite fast food joint, at least not continuously.

Gourmet and McDonald’s don’t go hand in hand, and it will be interesting to see the success rate of the Signature Burgers.

Would you be interested in trying the McDonald’s Michelin approve burgers?

- Ceili McGeever

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