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'Marry me chicken' : The internet is still losing its mind over this recipe 2 years later

A modest chicken recipe that rose to fame just by simply being delicious. Could it be true?

by: Tessa Purdon | 03 Oct 2018
marry me chicken recipe

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What did we do before online recipes were a thing? And before they became 'famous' like Alison Roman's salted butter choc chip shortbread cookies that practically broke the internet this year...  

One of the greatest things about the land of digital is its intrinsic ability for sharing content. Especially when it comes to food, as Buzzfeed's Tasty brand has so clearly demonstrated. And among all the millions of recipes out there, very few make it to hero status. 

Enter: 'marry me chicken' 

This Sicilian-style dish could honestly be on anyone's weekly menu rotation - a homey and saucy meal of chicken thighs and a few extra Mediterranean bits and bobs that quickly takes it from humble home cooking to downright delicious gourmet grub. The name is why we love it though, right? It evidently came about in 2016 when some of the editors at Delish tasted it and deemed it so scrumptious that they said they'd marry for it! And from then on, it was known as 'marry me chicken'. 

What makes it so irresistible? 
1. It's a one-pan dish (what's not to love about that?) 
2. It only requires a handful of ingredients.
3. When combined, they make magic in your mouth. 

What's in it?
Mostly chicken (obvs) with cameo roles played by garlic, sundried tomatoes, cream, chicken stock and fresh herbs.

Cook the recipe at home and see if you think it deserves its stature.

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