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Hyundai’s latest Super Bowl ad has vegans up in arms - here's why

Is "beetloaf" really that bad?

04 Feb 2019
Vegan beetloaf

(image: Unsplash)

Hyundai is facing heat from vegans for its latest Super Bowl ad captioned "what's worse than shopping for a car?" and features a “beetloaf” being served at a vegan dinner party. Needles to say, plant based eaters are not flattered.

The ad follows a couple entering a lift on their way to purchase a Hyundai car, however the lift has (what is portrayed to be) dreadful stops on each floor, think... getting your root canal extracted, jury duty and a middle seat on a flight filled with sick passengers.

On one of the floors which the elevator stops , the doors open up to a vegan dinner party where a woman offers guests “beetloaf” as opposed to meat loaf.

Vegans are not pleased, and have taken to social media to express their anger and disappointment along withPETA who recommended other car brands instead of Hyundai to their followers.

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