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Google reveals South Africa’s number 1 soup

We take a closer look at Google search data and find out 5 interesting trends in soup this winter.

by: Katy Rose | 28 May 2018
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Winter is here, and all over the country we are bundling up in jerseys and putting on pots of soup. Vegetable, tomato, butternut and beef: soup is a comforting, warming meal for the family. A great way to use up vegetable scraps, soups and stews can also be a very economical way to feed all the hungry youngsters. 

So when it’s chilly outside, or maybe you’ve got a touch of the flu - put on a pot of soup and you’ll immediately feel better. Take a look at Food24's fantastic collection of soup recipes!

soup, winter recipe

Here are 5  interesting facts we learnt from Google search trends: 

1.South Africans love soup but only in Winter
We’re searching for soup recipes mostly between May and August

2. Chicken soup is a strong favourite
Among meat based soups, classic chicken soup is taking the lead

3. Bone broth is becoming more popular
Trends show an increase in searches for bone broth recipes

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4. South Africa really loves butternut soup...
The winner by a country mile is butternut soup

soup, winter recipe


5. ...but not as much as Ireland.
Ireland searches for butternut soup during their Winter, between October and February

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