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Food24 readers respond: Weird but great food combos we should all be trying (or not)

Brace yourselves, these food pairings are wild! We asked, “do you have a wacky wonderful weird but great food combo?” and these are the answers we got!

by: Rentse Khiba | 21 Aug 2018
a guy holding up two hotdogs

(Image: iStock)

What are some of the most bizarre food combinations you’ve ever tried? After coming across a Twitter thread based on some bizarre ones people love, so we thought we should run our own survey and see what combinations we haven't thought of, but should be trying.

Our readers gave us their feedback:

Fries and Ice cream: on Twitter

Fries and Ice Cream ????

Fried egg and plain yoghurt: on Twitter

Fried egg & Yoghurt ???? #weirdbutgreat

Popcorn and tomato sauce: on Twitter

Popcorn & Tomato sauce : ?????? #weirdbutgreat

Toasted cheese and banana sandwich: on Twitter

Toasted cheese and banana sandwich: ??????

And these are some of the suggestions we got from our Instagram followers:

feedback from our instagram users on their food co
feedback from our Instagram users on their food co

feedback from our Instagram users

Wow! We never expected it. Share your #WeirdButGreat food combos with us on Instagram or on Twitter!


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