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Fatal foraging cookbook gets recalled for advising readers to consume raw morels

Controversial cookbook gets recalled due to the promotion of unsafe and poisonous foraged food recipes.

by: Robyn Brittow | 16 Aug 2018
foraged mushrooms

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Johnna Holmgren, the blogger behind Fox meets Bear, released her first cookbook in May which focuses on recipes for foraged food items such as raw mushrooms and berries.

The blogger has a following of over 132 000 followers on Instagram where she shares her foraging finds and recipes. Her cookbook, Tales from a Forager’s kitchen, has been recalled after reviewers expressed their concerns about the dangers of her recipes.

The Fox meets Bear blogger, told Buzzfeed news that her initial aim with the book was to increase people’s “appreciation for the earth”.

Her publishers, Crown publishers and Rodales books, released a statement that they have made the decision to discontinue the cookbook from further publishing and promotion.

Whilst Holmgren's book has been removed from and all retailers, she does have a disclaimer statement on her website, indicating readers have to be cautious and “verify nutritional information and health benefits with a qualified professional”. This has not stopped her from continuing to share recipes from the cookbook on her Instagram.

Twitter users have expressed their concerns over the cookbook's recipes.

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