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Edible cling wrap is finally here

Have you ever been in such a hurry to eat that you accidentally bit into your cling wrap-clad sandwich?

by: Chanté Felix | 26 Aug 2016
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Well, then we’ve got good news for you – you can now have your cling wrap and eat it! The Telegraph recently reported that a group of American scientists have developed an edible cling wrap, made of milk. 

Why is this so cool?

It’s biodegradable. We are constantly striving to be as eco-friendly as possible and a major problem in terms of pollution (in our seas especially), is plastic and its non-biodegradable nature. This edible cling wrap will either decompose when thrown away or you can have your cling wrap sandwich and eat it!

The edible cling wrap prevents oxygen from seeping through and spoiling your food. When oxygen comes in contact with food, it aids the growth of mould, so what makes this edible packaging stand out from the rest, already on the market, is the fact that it is 500 times better at keeping oxygen away from food.  

This new invention sounds quite cool, but can you imagine actually eating your food wrapper? It doesn’t sound appetising at all and obviously you don’t have to eat it, you can toss it, but the option of eating it is there. According to Huffington Post, scientists are even looking to add some flavours and vitamins (I wonder what they'll start with!)

It all sounds bizarre, but it really is interesting and who would say no to something that is good for our already damaged environment?

Other than being used as food wrappers, the mixture can be used as a spray on coating for cereal. At the moment sugar is the magic ingredient that keeps your cereal crunchy, so this milk-based mixture is said to be able to replace that.

It is believed that this new edible wrap will be on the shelves within the next three years and we here in South Africa can only hope that it will hit our shelves in due time too!

WATCH: How edible cling film is made

What flavour of edible cling wrap would you choose? Let us know in the comments section below.

- Chante Felix

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