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Biltong makes it onto the list of top no-refrigerator healthy snacks

SA's favourite meaty snack is making waves.

by: Tessa Purdon | 18 Jul 2019
biltong in bowl

We love it when South African food gets recognition internationally. (Like the time Jamie Oliver mentioned milk tart on Instagram. What a day that was!) Now popular US wellness site Mindbodygreen has mentioned biltong in its latest list of healthy snacks for when you’re on the go. Obviously we’ve known about this all along, but for most people outside of SA, it’s a real novelty! 

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Registered dietitian, food and beverage content creator Carlene Thomas says, “I'm recently hooked on beef biltong thanks to my husband! It's a South African dried beef that's SO much better than typical jerky.” 

There are countless biltong producers in the United States, and with the current rise in demand for our favourite nibble, we can only predict that the number will escalate. 

Here’s to biltong taking over the world! 

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