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Ben & Jerry's is now serving ice cream bagel sandwiches

We are here for these ice cream stuffed bagels!

27 Aug 2018
bagels filled with ice cream

(Image: Ben & Jerry's)

When it comes to ice cream, Ben & Jerry's is part of the winning pack. Gone are the days we only enjoyed ice cream on a cone, or where we had only three flavours of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. Ben & Jerry's offers over 60 indulgent flavours such as strawberry cheesecake, chocolate fudge brownie, and cherry garcia.      

And if that isn't enough to satisfy your taste buds, the creamery has paired this cold treat with bagels, making it an absolute hit! The Vermont based ice cream brand will be serving limited edition ice cream bagel sandwiches that will only be available at their UK stores, which makes sense seeing as they are going through a crazy heatwave!

Two tempting flavours will be available. Consumers can enjoy The Birthday Bagel which is made from the Ben & Jerry's Birthday Cake ice cream and is sandwiched between a pink bagel topped with sprinkles.

18d.Media on Twitter

Ice Cream Bagel Creations - Ben & Jerry's Fuses Ice Cream with Bagels for a Flavorful Experience (

Or if the Birthday bagel sounds too rich for your taste buds, you’re welcome to enjoy the “Holey Cara-moley” pretzel bagel which is smothered in Double Caramel Brownie ice cream and topped with a syrupy caramel sauce.

Samir Gianni on Twitter

Ben & Jerry's Is Now Dishing Up Bagel Ice Cream Sandwiches

We all know the greatest food debates happen on Twitter so what do people think about this new breakfast dessert??

Some are excited:

Julia Raeside on Twitter

Yikes. @benandjerrys icecream bagel. Impossible to eat but don't let that stop you grhjnb. @talkRADIO

London On The Inside on Twitter

ICE ICE BAGEL! It is hot out there today! How about getting @benandjerrys ice cream sandwiched between a sweet bagel to cool you down? ???? See out IG for more deats

And others are just meh: 

Tammie Nestor on Twitter

@TODAYshow I don't think I would want ice cream in a bagel. I'll pass.

Nick on Twitter

@benandjerrysUK No, just no!!!!

Let us know in the comments below how you feel about the Ice Ice Bagel! 


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