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Bacon, beer and and all things fizzy at risk after CO2 shortage

With it being Summer across certain parts in Europe, could this mean beerless braais for them?

by: Robyn Brittow | 26 Jun 2018

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Carbon dioxide, one of several greenhouse gasses that have rapidly contributed to climate change and has negatively impacted the environment, is also the gas responsible for the fizz in our drinks, dry ice, packaging of frozen food items, meat and salads.

Five of the gas producers across Europe are closed for maintenance and the supply across the continent is diminishing by the day as BBC news reports.

The demand for CO2 is at such a high, affecting poultry farms, beer producers and even popular beverage company Coca-Cola. Heineken stated that they were “working with customers to minimise disruption.” Coca-Cola also commented that some production has been “temporarily paused”.

The British Beer and Pub Association which represents brewers said that the shortage caused a halt in beer production and this is a difficult time as beer and carbonated drinks are in high demand during the viewing of the World cup.

The lack of CO2 has had a huge impact on food packaging and food production says The British Poultry Council, with 60% of poultry processing farms potentially running out of the gas as well as a pork processor in Scotland who says they will run out of carbon dioxide by next week Tuesday according to BBC news.

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