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Americans are going wild for pickle-flavoured everything, and we just don’t get it

Pickles or as we call them, gherkins, may be tasty. But do you love them enough to try pickle juice vodka, pickle ice cream or even pickle almonds?

by: Katy Rose | 26 Jun 2018

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Pickled cucumbers, or gherkins, are a crisp, sweet and tangy condiment. They are there lurking in the back of almost every fridge, waiting patiently for their moment to shine. What would a potato salad be without some chopped gherkin? A big juicy, cheeseburger is just so much better with the slightly sour, vinegary crunch in the middle of the bite. Americans have long loved the humble pickle, most notably on burgers and hot dogs, but 2018 has been the year the humble pickle burst out of the jar and into almost well, anything you can think of.

Here's a graph to demonstrate the pickle-craze of 2018: 

Pickle juice in cocktails
An ingredient that is growing more and more recognition in cocktails and shooters is a small measure of pickle juice. It is particularly delicious in a Bloody Mary or with bourbon whiskey in a shoot. 

Pickle popcorn
Ok, this one makes sense. Salt and vinegar is a familiar flavour combination (and also, my favourite) so this one isn’t too much of a stretch. 

Pickle ice cream
This is just a bit weird, but the people of Instagram seem to LOVE pickle ice cream. Who knew? 


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Pickle ice pops
Frozen pickle juice in the form of a frozen lolly? Apparently they are packed with electrolytes and are delicious after doing sports and outdoor activities. 

Pickle vodka
If you’re a fan of pickle- cocktails, this vodka is perfect for you! 

Pickle Juice Snow Cone Slush
This lumo-green slushie is flavoured with pickle juice, and apparently is very refreshing. Love it or hate it, it’s certainly got people talking.

Have you tried to make your own pickles at home? They are delicious and so easy. Watch Brad to learn his epic pickle recipe: 

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