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A Guinness World Record has just been broken by this 2013 kilogram cheese board

Life is great but cheese makes it better! If you’re a cheese lover then you’re about to be in heaven!

by: Rentse Khiba | 06 Aug 2018
a deliciously stacked cheese board

(Image: iStock)

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, weighing in at a whopping 2013 kilograms, this cheese board made from only the finest Wisconsin cheese boasts over 145 different varieties. It has also managed to knock the previous European record of 455 kilograms, out of the game.

The event which was hosted by The Diary Farmers of Wisconsin, wanted to showcase the amazing breadth of the award-winning cheeses in Wisconsin- " We thought what better way to do that than to create the world's largest cheeseboard," Suzanne Fanning, a Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin exec, said of the stunt. 

Taking over an entire street, the cheese board included national and international pieces of cheese with a massive 907 kilogram Cheddar wheel as the centerpiece.

According to Bustle more than 45 000 cheese lovers came out and partook in the cheesy festivities with 2000 of them going home with specially curated cheese plates, which came from some of the products that decorated the big board.

The organisers of the event also made sure to do their part in giving back to society by donating all remaining cheese to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin, which is passionate about combating hunger and abolishing food scarcity in the United States.

Rachel Hatch on Twitter

Currently in line to get a free cheese board from the "World's Largest Cheeseboard" which is exactly what I expected to be doing in Wisconsin.

Doug Poland on Twitter

Warning: Do not step on a scale the morning after attending (and generously sampling) the World's Largest Cheese Board the night before.

Kristina LeVan on Twitter

And then we broke a world record for the World's largest cheese board. It's as if we like cheese, or something.

Stacey Lansing on Twitter

Feast your eyes on the World's Largest Cheese Board! I came away with a koozie, wine opener, commemorative sticker, and a mini curated cheese board. I love this state. @ Madison, Wisconsin

All this talk about cheese, has left us wanting some! Let us know what you think about the size of this cheeseboard in the comments below!


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