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5 New smart tech kitchen appliances you'll want to put on your Christmas wish list

Looking for a snazzy new gadget to add to your collection of kitchenware?

by: Carine Visagie | 20 Nov 2018
smart tech kitchen

Time to replace some of your old kitchen appliances with a few of the latest, greatest products out there? We share our list of 5 smart tech finds for the heart of the home.

1. LG InstaView Multidoor Fridge
The LG InstaView (“Knock Knock”) fridge, which reveals its contents when you knock twice on its tempered-glass door, is a revolutionary, high-tech appliance that also offers ample storage space. Being able to view the food in your fridge without opening the door reduces cold air loss by up to 41%, saving energy and helping to keep your food fresher for longer. Plus, the fridge offers very precise temperature control, dramatically reduced noise levels, and a 10-year guarantee. Now available in sleek matte black and a multi-door option. Available through major retailers, including Makro, Hirsch’s and DionWired.

2. Miele Dialog Oven
Set to reach South African shores in 2019, the Mielie Dialog Oven has turned cooking on its head. While conventional ovens heat foods slowly from the outside in, the Dialog Oven cooks dishes in their entirety by employing electromagnetic waves. As such, the possibilities are endless. For example, it’s possible to cook half-raw and fully cooked salmon at the same time. When compared to conventional methods, the Dialog also reduces cooking times by up to 70%, making it the perfect choice for serious, yet time-pressed cooks. Not yet available in SA. More info available on on the Miele website.

3. AppKettleEver wished for a robot that brings you your morning coffee? With the revolutionary AppKettle, you’re one step closer to living the dream. This wi-fi / app-enabled electric kettle saves your favourite drink types and brewing times, remembers the last temperature you used to brew that perfect cuppa, and keeps the water in the kettle warm for up to 30 minutes. It also allows you to set brewing schedules and get reminders to fill the kettle the night before. Coffee, anyone? Available through Takealot

app kettle

4. Weber - iGrill 3 Thermometer
While a Weber Grill isn’t exactly a kitchen appliance, it certainly offers a great way to cook your meat. Do you have one in your backyard? Now you can instantly gauge the temperature of your lamb chops, pork ribs or chicken drumsticks. Weber’s innovative iGrill3 app-connected thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature of up to four cuts of meat, from beginning to end, sending a notification to your phone once your braai meat has reached the perfect temperature. Available through, and Builder’s Warehouse.

weber thermometer

5. Phillips Avanche Collection Airfryer
Let’s face it: nothing beats crispy fries and deep-fried chicken wings, but the fat can pile on the pounds. With the nifty Phillips Avanche Collection Airfryer, it’s now easy to make the crispiest of fries or wings using 80% less fat. Thanks to the rapid-air technology employed by the device, you can also use the fryer to bake, roast or grill your dishes to your heart’s content. Thanks to the digital touch screen, it’s also possible to precisely control cooking times and temperatures, and to save the settings of your favourite dishes. Available through, and

philips airfryer


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