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3 Things that could make sweet potatoes more famous than they already are

Is there anything the sweet potato can't do? Writer, Andrea Fedder, considers celebrating its diversity with a sweet potato themed food truck. Who's in?

by: Andrea Fedder | 28 Aug 2018
sweet potatoes

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What do a chocoholic, a healthy go-getter and a gluten intolerant chap all have in common? Sounds like the beginning of an embarrassingly bad joke. Well, it’s not. What it could very easily be however, is the beginning of my next great business venture. That is if you (or someone infinitely more wealthy and risk-loving) lent me the cash to create the ‘Sweet Potato Food Truck’. 

With just one star-ingredient here’s why all manner of the aforementioned characters in my bad joke intro will be lining up outside this hypothetical food truck to order one of three things that’s making their life significantly better. And since most of society probably identifies with one of them, I’d say that’s a solid start.

Reason 1. Sweet potato chocolate brownies

The baking world has gone through a bit of a transformation in recent years. With the increased awareness on food and health finding their battle ground behind the batter bowl, all sorts of ingredients have become rather delicious substitutes for fatty butter and starchy flours. One of these previously under-utilised foods is the sweet potato which now has the unveiled ability of transforming chocolate brownies into moist, dense and nutty variations of the hip hugging treat. Hence why my food truck would sell a moreish sweet potato brownie of sorts - to satisfy all manner of chocoholics and those guilty consciences just begging for a break.

Reason 2. Smashed avo on sweet potato toast

It must be really hard being gluten intolerant. Toast is such an integral part of the Avo Appreciation Society that my heart goes out to anyone trying to smash a gorgeously ripe avo onto those gluten free breads that disintegrate into a plate full of crumbs. How disheartening? Who needs bread anyway, when you have sweet potatoes? Easily crisped slices of this low glycemic spud will offer gluten intolerant passers by a densely packed, toastable surface for a far healthier and possibly even more delicious smashed avo snack.

Reason 3. The sweet potato super shake

Life is a big game of snakes and corporate ladders. Who even has time to sit down and eat a healthy meal anymore? For those busy go-getters and health and fitness junkies who want all their super nutrition in a glass, the sweet potato shake is the answer. This highly filling smoothie will offer all those movers and shakers a whopper of cell healing carotenoids in just a few quick sips. Plus, the cyanidin in the skin of darker sweet potatoes is another great phytonutrient for reducing toxicity and inflammation in the body. So, not only is it a healthy smoothie meal option but it practically tastes like pumpkin pie in a glass. 

I can see it now. The giant orange truck with a purple and white striped awning and a cheery chalk board out front and only these 3 epic options on the menu. We can call it the ‘The Sweet Patoot Toot’, where the menu is short but sweet…potatoes. 

It seems to have the sweet (potato) smell of success all over it. Okay, okay, I’ll wear the embarrassingly bad jokes crown. But seriously, this orange tuber has the magic combo of making you healthier while hitting your ‘Sweet Spot-ato’(wink wink). Now there’s the winning food truck name! No? Still not? Seriously…? Fine, I’ll work on it while I get my brownies out the oven.

(Heads up: if anyone does see a sweet potato food truck selling these three legends on their menus in the near future, tell them I want concept royalties, will ya?)

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