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10 Delicious dessert trends to expect this year

Indulge your sweet tooth by tasting your way through this year's trendiest desserts

by: Julie Donald | 29 Jan 2020
10 Delicious dessert trends

We're gearing up to eat all the desserts this year! Out with the activated charcoal doughnuts and in with all things plant-based, gin infused and fruity! Check out the 10 dessert trends you need to know about!

Asian-inspired flavours
Flavours like miso, black sesame, pandan and jackfruit are making it big in the dessert world. Looking for more ideas? 

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Just a quick look at the dessert menus of some of South Africa’s best restaurants confirms that coconut is without a doubt the flavour of the year. Try your hand at a twist on a local favourite with this amazing coconut milk tart.

Farmhouse chic
This trend plays into many people’s fantasy of running off to a charming farmhouse with fruit trees, veggie gardens and at least a few friendly chickens. This style of dessert flies in the face of overdone, over-decorated, over-thought restaurant desserts, taking us back to ‘granny’s kitchen’. 

For more ideas, follow Demetria Provatas Honeywell and Kayley McCabe.

French classics

Classics such as madeleines, pain au chocolat, tarte tatin and îles flottantes are making a comeback. See dizzying layers of pastry and other French delights at Kica Kiev and Zoe Bakes.

Floral flavours

Expect to see more subtle floral flavours such as geranium, hibiscus, jasmine and elderflower. Check out Jan Hendrik’s hibiscus and berry dessert (And don’t forget to garnish your desserts with delicate edible flowers!)


Fresh, juicy, seasonal fruits are pretty much always in style, but their use for not only flavour but also their natural beauty is now bigger than it's ever been.

Have a look at Claire Heitzler 's Instagram account for lots of wonderful ideas. 


You keep thinking the gin trend might end, but it keeps just getting better and better, to the point where we’re even seeing it in dessert. 5 Gin-infused food recipes that all gin-enthusiasts have to try.

Plant-based everything

As our awareness of global warming (and the relationship to animal gasses) grows, more and more people are following a plant-based diet. Aquafaba (the water from a tin of chickpeas) has revolutionised vegan desserts, making mousse, macarons and meringues possible. Check out our guide.  

Pretty pies

Beautiful pies are doing the rounds on social media, like these by Jo Harrington. 


Spekboom is making an unprecedented rise in the food world. This unassuming South African plant has amazing carbon fixing properties (it’s able to use ten times as much carbon as an equivalent area of rainforest) and it’s edible. It has a light lemony, acidic flavour that can be eaten as is, added to smoothies, or used in desserts. (It makes for a lovely addition to lemon curd – blend the leaves until smooth then substitute half the lemon juice with spekkie pulp in your favourite lemon curd recipe). There’s even a spekboom-flavoured gin named Porkbush Gin.

Did me miss any of your favourites? 

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