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The most bizarre thing to happen to your Easter eggs this year

Heinz is at it again, and this time they’re coming for your Easter eggs.

by: Robyn Brittow | 11 Apr 2019
Heinz creme egg mayo

(image: Heinz/Twitter)

Heinz has released a limited-edition creme egg mayonnaise just in time for Easter but the internet is having a difficult time accepting it. 

The brand is known for their quirky flavour combinations such as mayocue and mayochup and as much as the internet loves to hate on their sauces – this has not discouraged them in the least bit.

Their latest collaboration with Cadbury has raised many eyebrows, some even questioning if it was an April fool's prank. According to Heinz Twitter account, it is not a prank and they have truly partnered with Cadbury to create the limited-edition mayonnaise.

Yes, it is what you’re thinking: mayonnaise infused with milky chocolate Easter egg pieces. Oh the horror!

With the internet divided, we're not sure what's more troubling, the fact that this product exists or that there are people who actually want to try it.

Others however, stand firm in their rejection.


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