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South African honey fraud and what you need to know

Producers of fake honey are scamming South African consumers. Read this to find out more.

30 Jul 2018
honey fraud in south africa

(image: iStock)

If you've been intrigued enough to watch the Netflix documentary food series, "Rotten", you'll have a good understanding of the issue surrounding #honeygate - the fraudulent activity in honey production. 

The National website says of the series: “In a world where huge global supply-chains are increasingly intertwined and consolidated, this series starts on your dinner plate... and follows the money to the shocking consequences – intended or not – of regulation, innovation and greed.”

And it's not just happening overseas. Fake and adulterated honey is not uncommon in South Africa. An exposé by Carte Blanche aired on Sunday 29 July questioning the lack of food quality enforcement from the government agency meant to police local honey. 

Craig Campbell, Managing Director of Peels Honey in Kwazulu Natal says, "If the department does not take urgent action, the South African honey industry will not be able to survive, endangering hundreds of jobs."

WATCH this video to know more... 

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