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Ever heard of a Dutch Baby? Find out how easy it is to make

This super simple pancake-y treat ticks all the boxes... quick, easy, and oh-so tasty!

13 Jul 2018
dutch baby pancake recipe

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Say the words "Dutch Baby" and what comes to mind? Not a Yorkshire pudding-like pancake, right? Because that's pretty much what it is. And probably one of the greatest breakfast creations of all time. It's like a mashup between a crepe and some kind of fluffy, eggy French toast. 

Hungry yet? 

Kitchen Project explains that the Dutch Baby has German origins but it was the USA that took it to the Insta-worthy glory it enjoys today. 

You won't believe how easy one is to make! The key is to get a batter with absolutely no lumps - so a stick blender, food processor or really good electric beater will get you there if you aren't that confident about your whisking abilities. 

pancake batter being poured into pan

One of the Dutch Baby's characteristics is the high 'puff' that it gets in the oven. You'll need to have a really intense heat to achieve this. Another characteristic is the use of an (oven-proof) frying pan - or skillet, as the Americans call it.  An important thing to note is that once it's removed from the oven, it will be big and puffy - but then almost immediately 'flop' and sink in. This is normal. 

chocolate and raspberry dutch baby pancake recipe

Serve the Dutch Baby in its pan for best presentation. You can either make a sweet version or like Bon Appetit has done - a savoury version. Who's up for trying one? We don't have a recipe on Food24 just yet but we reckon you should take a stab at Nigella's recipe as a start!

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