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5 Things to know about Gordon Ramsay’s new show that airs this month

The bad boy of the kitchen takes on a completely different role in Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, a brand-new show starting on National Geographic (DStv channel 181).

07 Aug 2019
chef gordon ramsay

In Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, you’ll experience a very different Gordon – more relaxed but as focused and driven as ever, his mission is to visit six different destinations around the globe and learn as much as he can about the local ingredients and cooking styles. For Gordon, simply eating at a restaurant is not enough – you need to know the story behind the food you’re enjoying.

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Here are five tasty facts about the new show:

1. Gordon works with some of the hottest young up-and-coming chefs in the regions he visits: in Morocco, chef Najat Kaanache is changing the face of her country’s cuisine at her restaurant, Nur. In Hawaii, chef Sheldon Simeon puts a modern spin on classic Hawaiian dishes at his two restaurants, Lineage and Tin Roof. Chef Joy Ngeuamboupha runs Tamarind Restaurant and Cooking School, one of the top-rated restaurants in Laos. 

2. Among some of the more unusual foods Gordon learns to prepare are seal, freshwater snails and guinea pig.

3. While cooking is a major part of the show, it’s also about adventure. You’ll see Gordon take on a number of physical challenges, including rappelling down a waterfall, free-diving, white water kayaking and climbing a sheer rockface in a snowstorm. 

chef gordon ramsay

4. The production team travelled 133 575km to scout and shoot the series. 

5. For a change, Gordon won’t be doing the judging. In fact, he’ll be the one being judged. At the end of each episode, having learned the tricks and tips about the food of the various cultures, he has to cook a dish for local guests, who ultimately decide if he has been able to emulate the tastes of their cultures.

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted starts on National Geographic (DStv Channel 181) on Wednesday 7 August at 9pm.

WATCH the trailer! 

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