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Got milk? Make your own ricotta cheese

We promise, everything’s better with cheese – even a national lockdown. Here’s how to make your own ricotta cheese.

by: Lauren Goldman | 27 Mar 2020

Being able to make cheese is a handy skill when your local supermarket is running low on supplies or if you’re unable to leave the house during the national lockdown. And it’s easy to do – particularly if it’s ricotta cheese. After all, cheese is just coagulated dairy, and to coagulate your dairy you simply need acid. Here’s how to make your own ricotta cheese.

Heat milk gently, lower the heat and add acid. The amount of acid you use will affect not only the texture but also the flavour, so you’ll need to play around with this to find what suits you. We recommend starting with 1.5 tablespoons acid to 4 cups milk. Simmer for about two minutes, until curds form. Strain it into the lined colander and allow it to drain for 10–15 minutes, depending how thick you like your ricotta cheese.

Note: You can add or substitute other forms of dairy, such as cream or crème fraiche, and add flavourings such as herbs or garlic to create different varieties of soft cheeses.

Recipes that use ricotta

You could just spread your freshly made ricotta onto a cracker or a slice of bread, but while you’re in the kitchen, why not whip up one of these recipes?

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