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Chicken pie: Your guide to mastering Winter's most quintessential comfort food

Who doesn't love a good family favourite like chicken pie? Here's how to perfect your own at home.

by: Tessa Purdon | 25 May 2019

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It's no secret that a wholesome and hearty homemade pie is real soul food. It's comforting and for many of us - extremely nostalgic. What makes it so damn delicious?  Is it the creamy rich filling with tender pieces of chicken all enveloped in a rich sauce, or the crispy pastry on top that often gets secretly nibbled from all the edges of the pie dish when no one is looking? 

Whether you're a pie fiend and know your way around a rolling pin, or just can't bring yourself to ever thinking of making one yourself... from scratch... we're here to guide you through the things that make chicken pies great... 

The meat (filling) 
There's nothing worse than a filling that 's too dry, dense and solid when you serve it. We'll go through the sauce in more detail but for the meat - I find it's best to first gently poach your chicken in a chicken or vegetable stock. This will ensure it's not only tender and moist (from cooking in and absorbing some of the liquid), but also more flavourful. It's best to use thighs and legs (on the bone - as this adds an extra richness of flavour to the meat). 

The sauce
You don't want a gloopy, stodgy sauce (or maybe you do??) and you also don't want a sauce that's too runny and soupy. It's generally the sauce that makes or breaks a chicken pie. Many sauces are roux-based with the addition of warmed cream or milk. Make sure your ratio of flour to butter isn't too high otherwise you'll have a super thick consistency. At the end of the day whatever you choose comes down to personal preference of sauce thickness but the general rule of thumb is 1 Tbs butter: 2 Tbs flour: 250ml liquid. Always make sure you infuse your milk with half an onion when heating up. This is a simple and super effective way of adding even further depth to your sauce flavour.

The flavouring
Don't forget to season your filling - both the sauce and the chicken with salt (and pepper if you want a bit of spice) but don't overdo it either. How will you know? Your tongue is a good guide. So taste! I love adding in aromatic herbs like freshly chopped thyme, parsley and a bit of mustard for that little bit of oomph. Some people also throw in a tot of sherry! It's all about layering flavours and allowing the ingredients to 'collaborate' with each other. You can also add some cooked peas or carrots to the sauce for a bit of bulk, colour and contrast in each mouthful. 

The pastry 

What's worse than biting into a piece of soggy, under cooked pastry? Nothing. Puff pastry is the way to go if you want to be traditional. You want your pastry to 'puff' up nicely and for this, it needs space so don't overcrowd the dish with too much filling. If it’s stuck to the filling, you’ll end up with soggy pastry. And for goodness sake, please don't pierce the pastry with a fork because if air escapes, it will collapse onto the filling and lose its shape. Making your own puff pastry = expert level, but if you don't have the patience or time, simply get the best quality ready-made puff pastry from your local supermarket.

Don't forget the egg wash! 
Glazing your pastry with a beaten egg just before baking might seem gratuitous but trust me, making your food look appetizing goes a long way. The addition of the egg wash results in a golden brown, and shiny pastry once you remove it from the oven - ready for Instagram!

Happy cooking! If you take a pic of your gorgeous chicken pie, be sure to tag us @Food24_sa

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