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Why you should consider ostrich next time you go shopping for meat

We take a look at ostrich meat and show you why you should enjoy this protein for your next steak night.

by: Robyn Brittow | 20 Feb 2019
Why you should consider ostrich next time you go s

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If you’re a red meat lover, planning your next braai menu may have you drooling over thoughts of a melt-in-your-mouth medium rare steak paired with a robust glass of red. But chances that your choice of steak would be ostrich, is highly unlikely... which raises the question: Why we are not consuming more of this locally produced meat? Considering that South Africa is responsible for 60% of the world’s Ostrich produce, according to The Journal of Applied Poultry Research

Why you should be eating more ostrich

Health characteristics

Ostrich is much healthier than other meat. Health24 reports that ostrich meat has less than 2% fat per 100g of meat, 0,062g cholesterol per 100g of meat and has 20,5% protein per 100g of meat - making it far more desirable than 0,241g cholesterol per 100g of beef. 


Ostrich meat is considerably cheaper than beef and lamb making it more accessible and lighter on your pocket. Which is great for the week before Pay Day! 

How to cook ostrich

- If ostrich is on your braai menu, coat the meat in a herb oil of your choice or plain olive oil and cook over moderate heat turning occasionally. Be sure not to overcook your steak as the fat content is minimal, so your meat may become dry.

- When pan-frying ostrich, a cast iron or any heavy-duty pan is ideal.

- Ensure your pan is heated thoroughly and quite hot before frying. Add butter to your pan just before your meat is done and mix with steak juices to coat your meat.

Note: Ostrich is not an ideal meat for stewing or soups  - due to its low fat content as it can dry out pretty quickly.

If you aren’t familiar with the flavour of ostrich meat, try cooking the meat minced or in a burger patty first or dive straight into the delectable fillet cut. Yum.

We have 8 of our best ostrich recipes to get you started...

Roast pepper ostrich meatballs with flatbread

Ostrich fillet salad

ostrich fillet salad

Ostrich steaks with creamy mushroom sauce 

Ostrich fillet with mango and tamarind curry

Ostrich fillet

Ostrich mince bobotie  

Ostrich meatballs in a spicy plum sauce

Ostrich meatballs in a pum sauce

Ostrich burger on a sweet potato bun

Mushroom and ostrich koftas

ostrich koftas

Next time you’re at your local butcher, opt for ostrich meat. After all, local is lekker!


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