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Who will you be supporting this World cup? Show your team love with these 12 recipes

South Africa may not be participating in the 2018 World cup but that does not mean it's not worth indulging in the festivities.

by: Robyn Brittow | 12 Jun 2018
who are you supporting this world cup

Not sure which country to support this World cup? Why not support them all and make these 12 delicious recipes from various countries!

German pizza

Current world cup title holders, will they win again? For those in support of the 2014 winning country or, if you simply just love pizza, you have to make this party meal!

german pizza

Portuguese peri peri chicken livers 

A perfect winter meal, enough for the whole family to share while watching the soccer, this traditional Portuguese peri peri chicken livers is a quick meal that won't make you miss any game time.

peri peri chicken livers

Mexican beef with avocado and shredded cabbage

Have a fiesta with this Mexican beef with avocado and shredded cabbage for a light lunch and pre-game meal if you’re planning to braai later in the day.

mexican beef with avocado and shredded cabbage

French dry rub steak baguette

Who doesn’t love all things French? Enjoy this French dry rub steak baguette as a celebratory meal after your favourite team scores!

french steak dry rub baguette

Italian chicken and asparagus pasta

The perfect comfort food, this chicken and asparagus pasta will be the ultimate mood- lifter if your team doesn’t manage to score.

chicken and asaparagus pasta


The former World cup hosting country sure knows how to party, try this Brazil nut tiramisu for a dessert that screams victory.

brazil nut tiramisu

Moroccan lamb

Flavour town, the wonderful aromatics from this dish will transport you right to the streets of Morocco as if you are truly there indulging in their wonderful cuisine.

moroccan lamb

Egyptian grilled prawns

The Egyptians are not quite known for the soccer abilities but their grilled prawns will surely give you a reason as to why they are a country to be reckoned with. Absolutely delicious!

egyptian prawns

Spanish chickpea and almond stew

For a warm hearty meal, this Spanish chickpea and almond stew is enough to heat you up and provide comfort if your team missed that goal!

spanish chickpea and almond stew

Australian lamingtons

Bake these traditional Ozzy cakes for a world class treat.

pink lamingtons


This recipe had us at beer.

belgian beef stew

Korean barbecue ribs

Nothing says a good time more than succulent barbecue ribs.

 Cancel korean barbeque ribs

Japanese nori cones

For something a little more fancy why not WOW your guests and serve Japanese nori cones.

nori cones

How will you be enjoying the World cup matches this year? Tell us in the comments section below.


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