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15 Weird and bizarre food trends you're going to be seeing in 2018

Pink toast, juicy veggie burgers, cowboy cooking and more..

by: Pumi Ntsezo | 30 Dec 2017

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2017 has been surprising with regards to food trends. We have seen everything from rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches to the inky dark charcoal trend we're all a bit tired of at this point. 2018 promises to be even crazier and somewhat tastier. Read on to see everything we look forward to this coming year. 

1. Wine pouches for one: With healthier lifestyles and a growing number of people living alone, people (especially millennials) are consuming alcohol in smaller measures. A company called Most Wanted has created individual wine pouches. Each pouch contains 187ml of Pinot Grigio or Malbec, and sells for £2.50

2. Juicy veggie burgers: A company called Beyond Meat has created a plant-based burger that looks and tastes exactly like a beef burger, and even ‘bleeds’ beetroot juice. The secret to its meaty taste is down to ‘haem’, an iron-rich molecule found in all living things. Meaty veggie burgers get their haem from nitrogen-fixing plants such as legumes.


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3. Pink toast for breakfast: With the popularity of low-carb diets, consumers have been eating less bread and retailers have been working overtime to lure shoppers back to their sandwiches. In 2018 Marks and Spencer will roll out high protein, low carb veggie breads in colours including beetroot, courgette and red pepper.

4. Sweet and sour super fruit: When Jackfruit are raw they taste sweet and juicy like a mango, but cook them and — as strange as it sounds — they have the same texture and taste as pulled pork. They're full of calcium and iron, and their unique taste makes it ideal for savoury and sweet dishes.

5. High protein ice cream: Protein-packed ice creams should leave you so satisfied after one serving that you’ll happily put down your spoon. But even if you don’t, it will amount to a fraction of the calories in an average tub of Haagen-Dazs.

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5. Gut-friendly food: Research shows gut health is directly linked to overall brain function, including improved mental health and a decrease in diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's, and the food industry is taking notice. 

6. Booze-free beverages: Mocktails are going to be the in-thing in 2018. With the new trends of consuming less alcohol, booze-free beverages are growing in popularity with younger consumers. 

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7. Hawaiian food: Poke bowls are the everyday food in Hawaii – essentially sushi without the fussy presentation.

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8. Plant-based protein: Even if you're cutting back on meat, you can still work plenty of protein into your diet. Look to plant-based proteins like seitan, lentils, black beans, and quinoa

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9. Farm-to-table menus: Farm-to-table has became a hot new label. Consumers are now interested in what they are eating. They raise the bar and hold people accountable.

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10. Communal table dining: Communal tables not only allow restaurants to maximize their square footage, they offer a unique opportunity to interact with strangers.

11. Air fried food: Instead of deep-frying things in vegetable or canola oil, air fryers use hot air to produce anything from french fries to chicken wings with a perfectly crisp, "fried" outer layer.

12. Souping instead of juicing: Healthy pureed soups that are packed with vitamins and nutrients are a delicious swap for juices.

13. Korean condiments: condiments like Dijon mustard, hot sauce, and ketchup are being replaced by Korean sauces like gochujang (red chili paste), ganjang (soy sauce), and Korean barbecue sauce.

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14. Ghee: Ghee, a clarified butter, is a lactose-free alternative to butter that will give your food that same rich and nutty flavour. Use it to make anything from seafood and mashed potatoes to creamy rice and cookies. 

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15. Vegan desserts: Vegan desserts are popping up everywhere, featuring coconut oil in lieu of butter, cashew milk instead of cream, and flaxseeds in place of eggs. Visit our vegan recipe section!

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Which trend are you looking forward to? 

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