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WATCH: This pancake art will blow your mind

Your breakfast pancakes will never be the same after watching this.

by: Jade Lawrence | 28 Jul 2016
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Yes, you could use a cookie cutter to shape your pancakes but why stop there? The bar has been raised and it is now an art form.

Whipping together pancake mix, adding colours and placing them in squeezy bottles is one of many crazes that has hit the internet lately.

People have been recreating famous celebrities, cartoon characters and animals to name a few, but you need to have a steady hand and good drawing skills to make it all happen...

It's not as easy as it looks because you have to "draw" it in such a way that the light parts stay light and the shadows are dark - so it basically works in steps.

Imagine waking up to a pancake of your favourite celeb or cartoon character? What a pleasant morning that would be!

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Watch these videos and get sucked into the complete craziness of this pancake art!

1. Notorious rapper Tupac Shakur in pancake form!

2. Complete wizardry!

3. Dory on TV and your breakfast plate perhaps?

4. Why catch Pokemon if you can have them for breakfast-Pikachu!!!

comment "??" for more ! — by tiger tomato

A video posted by Pancake Art ?? (@pancakefeed) on

5. Little mermaid, pancake perfection!

8. The Avengers!!! AMAZING!!

Would you try this?

- Jade Lawrence

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