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Upgrade your dinner basics with this punchy spice

If you've never cooked with paprika before, read this and start playing around with it in your weekly meals.

06 Aug 2018
baked meatballs with mushrooms recipe

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Paprika (pap-reekah) is a spice with an amazingly heady flavour and aroma. Essentially it's a ground powder made from dried sweet peppers and you'll commonly find it in Eastern European dishes. Having said that, it's become incredibly popular all over the world - with smoked paprika adding an even richer layer of depth. It goes brilliantly with seafood (ever had paella?) and adds a really vibrant rusty red colour to dishes. It truly is an underrated pantry staple. So next time you see it on the supermarket shelf, pop it in your trolley and try one of these recipes! You can thank us later.

1. Warm wedge salad with a creamy paprika dressing

warm wedge salad with paprika dressing recipe

2. Baked mushroom meatballs

mushroom meatballs recipe

3. WATCH: One-pan mustard and paprika pork steaks

mustard and paprika pork steaks recipe

4. Sweet potato wedges

sweet potato wedges recipe

5. Rosemary and paprika roast chicken

rosemary and paprika roast chicken recipe


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