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Totally incredibly delicious flapjacks

What’s there not to love about flapjacks?

05 Aug 2016
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Flapjacks are arguably the most exciting thing about gourmet breakfasts and there are endless possibilities for toppings which could swing either way - sweet or savoury.

Flapjacks and pancakes are two very similar mini cakes and people often confuse the two. In different parts of the world the word flapjack is used to refer to a pancake and vice versa but in South Africa they are different treats. The flapjack is like the American pancake and the pancake is like the French crêpe .

The major difference is that a flapjack is usually sweeter than the pancake and it’s a lot more dense, fluffy and much thicker than the thin, floppy pancake.

Making a flapjack is very easy, quick and there’s so much room to get creative!

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Strawberry flapjacks with maple syrup
Chocolate filled flapjacks

There are also quite a few places around the country that serves drool-worthy flapjacks for breakfast and some even right through the day!

Cape Town
Giulio's Café

Loading Bay

Salvation Café

Nice on 4th
Park Cafe

Harista Bistro

Freedom Café
Parc Café

Bannoton Bakery and Café

Check out these jaw dropping flapjacks #Flapjackstack, #Flapjack Instagram posts. Make your own, upload it to Instagram and tag #Food24_sa !

Less, is more- the classic stack dropping with maple syrup.

#perfectpancakestack #pancakes #maplesyrup #flapjackstack #shrovetuesday #pancakeday #pancaketuesday

A photo posted by Anne Odd (@oddmom2) on

Another perfectly executed, classic, maple syrup pancake stack with blueberries.

A savoury and sweet 2-in-1, with bananas and bacon! Flapjacks will always go well with breakfast. 

This  stack is so perfect and definitely Instagram worthy!

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This looks outrageously yummy!


Dark chocolate and peanut butter flapjack= Flapjack heaven 

Maybe, less is not more- more is more!

This is hands down the fluffiest flapjack stack ever. It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

This is why Sunday mornings were invented!! #pancakebreakfast #inspo #OKOloves

A photo posted by Odd Kids Out on Etsy (@okostore) on


S T U D Y F U E L ~ buckwheat pancakes ft. banana, cashew butter and berries

A photo posted by Mango ?? (@plantmunchers) on

Rainbow stack!

Most delicious Sunday night dinner ?? #rainbow #flapjacks #flapjackstack #dinner #foodporn

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