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Tired of the same old chicken meals? Try these 3 recipes to spice things up

Chicken doesn't have to be boring and bland. Try these five chicken recipes to spice up your meals today.

by: Drum | 08 Aug 2018
Chicken biryani

Masala chicken drumsticks with carrot salad

Coleslaw mix can be used instead of grated carrots in this salad.

masala chicken drumsticks

Sweet and sour chicken

Who says sauces must be creamy? Asian-style options are flavorful and light, too.

Sweet and Sour chicken

Chicken shawarma

Use peanut butter instead of tahini (a sesame seed paste) in the hummus – it’s much cheaper.

chicken shawarma

Chicken biryani

This dish is a great way to use up leftover rice or chicken.

Chicken biryani

Chicken waldorf salad with sorghum flatbreads

The chunky flatbread adds a lovely crunch to this salad.



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