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Time to dust off that jaffle iron and make the most of your leftovers

From sweet to savoury - the fillings of a jaffle are endless!

by: Robyn Brittow | 26 Jan 2019
Why jaffles are the perfect way to use left overs

A jaffle iron is as iconic to South Africa as chutney or rusks (even though it apparently originated in Australia, according to 

What was your first introduction to a jaffle? Perhaps it was in your grandmother's kitchen during school holidays when ingredients were minimal but were required to be stretched. Was it filled with mince from the previous night’s leftovers or maybe cheese and tomato... there’s just something nostalgic about the classic toastie that not many of us can resist. 

Do you find yourself throwing leftovers away or lacking imaginative ways to reinvent the same ingredients? If so, this is the perfect time take out your jaffle iron. If you’re guilty of only using your jaffle iron whilst camping - these recipes will give you a reason to use it more often.

Bacon and sweet pepper jaffles - This combo is perfect for a weekend breakfast and can make your ingredients go a long way if you’re feeding a hungry crowd.

bacon, cheese and sweet pepper jaffles

Lekker smoked snoek and chutney jaffles - Perfectly smoked snoek partnered with sweet chutney, it really doesn’t get more South African than this.

Jaffle griddle cakes - If you're feeling daring, why not make your own bread from scratch with this griddle cake recipe.

jaffle griddle cakes

Beef and goat’s cheese wafflesThis recipe elevates the humble jaffle to gourmet status, filled with beef and goat’s cheese, you can’t go wrong. 

beef and goat's cheese jaffles

Waffle jaffles - End off your braai with waffle jaffles. They don’t require much effort and you can add any toppings you desire. 

waffle jaffles


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