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These 7 dishes make great leftovers for lunch the next day

Take the stress out of cooking this week with easy tray bakes, low carb 'pasta' and chicken casserole.

18 Jan 2017

If you're planning to be more thrifty this month and take lunch to work instead of buying something overpriced at the nearest cafe, then take a look at these recipes below. The goal in mind is to make more than you would ordinarily need for a single meal. And even if you don't bulk cook every single day - you can start out by trying it once or even twice a week.

Simply pop these into a handy container and warm them up when your tummy starts to rumble. You'll be a microwave ping away from a delicious home-cooked lunch!

1. Cheesy chicken and mushroom bake

2. Paprika chicken with chickpeas and fennel

3. Chakalaka lamb enchiladas

4. Broccoli chicken casserole

5. Butternut ”linguine” with blue cheese sauce, crispy bacon and sage

6. Spaghetti with chicken, mushrooms and zucchini

7. Pork cheek ragu



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