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The Instagram celebrity-celery diet is going viral - here are 7 better ways to eat the green veg

Sick of celery juice? Here are 7 tempting recipes to cook with celery instead

23 Jan 2019
celery, juice, recipe

Users on Instagram are doing the most to prove that “new year, new diet fad” is in fact, the truth. Detoxing on celery juice is the new craze, with supports claiming any number of alleged benefits from garden variety weight-loss to life changing skin transformation. 

With over 70 000 tags on Instagram and celeb endorsements - celery sure is having its moment in the spotlight. Here are a few (more delicious) recipes for cooking with celery at home- 

We love this Vegan celery pesto on pasta, in dressings and even on a bit of toast with avo. 

celery, recipe

Celery, tomato and spinach chopped salad

celery, recipe

Chicken, vegetable and noodle soup is comforting and filling!

This Fennel and cannellini bean stew is packed with flavours of Italy. 

celery, recipe

Looking for a recipe for the whole family? You need to try: Spaghetti and meatballs with hidden vegetables

Berry, celery and lemon cooler is a refreshing drink on Summer afternoons. 

Cheers to the weekend with this Perfect Bloody Mary

celery, recipe

Drinking only celery juice, and not eating anything else, is not exactly our idea of a good time. So yes, take a few sips of a green juice with your breakfast, but remember, food is more than just calories - it should also be enjoyable and nourishing. 

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