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The 'freakshake' movement is gaining momentum

This outrageous milkshake and dessert mash-up has spread from Australia to the UK. Could SA be next?

by: Chanté Felix | 06 Sep 2016
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Earlier this year we featured Extreme milkshakes in New York City and now recently The Guardian has reported that the consumption of 'freakshakes', an Australian invention, are now multiplying in the United Kingdom with cafés popping up all over offering these deviously decadent and calorific treats. We'll have to wait and see if the freakshake movement (as freakishly droolworthy as abroad) will make its way to SA this Spring/ Summer.

What the heck is a freakshake?

A freakshake is basically a sweet lover's Heaven and there's no limit as to how over-the-top, mouth-watering it can get. Combine your favourite dessert and gourmet milkshake, add sweet treats to your heart's content and you have a freakshake!

Prepare to be blown away by these freakshake Instagram posts. Go big or go home!

?? #50sixone #freakshakes #lollies #diabetes

A photo posted by ??Samantha Dobson ?? (@dobson.samantha) on

Head over to My Sugar, Craft, Flavour Cafe or Rocomamas  to get similar freakishly over-the-top milkshakes in SA!

- Chante Felix

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