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"Sushi donuts" are the new craze

A two in one combo that's hard to beat.

by: Jade Lawrence | 21 Jun 2016
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Who would have ever thought that donuts and sushi would come together to make a beautiful combo that is completely mesmerizing to the eye and mouth-watering!

It all started two weeks ago when Melbourne-based Instagram user sobeautifullyraw posted an image of her new creation, the "Sushi Donut". The post got over 17k likes and started a new trend. Everybody is now trying to recreate them at home.

Apparently it's as easy as greasing a doughnut pan with coconut oil, pressing in some cooled sushi rice, flipping the pan upside down and decorating with some mayo, wasabi, tuna, salmon - the list goes on.

You can't go wrong with an avocado rose (another trend) to make a perfect addition to the circular theme (watch video below to see how it's done).

1. The infamous post by sobeautifullyraw

2. A recreation by another Foodie user on Instagram.

3. A tuna option!

4. Styled to perfection!

5. A non-vegan option- SO YUM!

6. Pretty and colourful!

7. How to make an avocado rose (click on image to watch).

Are you inspired? If you get a chance to recreate these beauties, tag @food24_sa in your post on Instagram.

- Jade Lawrence

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