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Pimp your peas: How to give life to those frozen peas lurking at the back of your freezer

These 5 must-try recipes will change your view on frozen peas forever.

by: Robyn Brittow | 09 Jul 2018
frozen peas

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We all have that convenient bag of peas hiding somewhere at the back of our freezers. Adding it to some rice or a curry to get some greens hardly ever does the vegetable any justice.

Peas, the underrated miracle food with a wealth of benefits. According to Real Food for life, peas are great in regulating your blood sugar, assists in preventing stomach cancer and its high Vitamin K content holds the calcium in your bones.

We have rounded up 5 of our most heavenly pea recipes that will give you a reason to use up that green bag. 

Minted pea hummus

A great way to incorporate frozen peas is to make a delicious pesto, serve with freshly cut vegetables or as a dip for tortilla chips!

minted pea hummus

Tortellini with creamy pea and spinach sauce

The best tortellini you will ever eat, this is a wonderful meat-free Monday alternative.

tortellini with creamy pea and spinach sauce

Courgetti with pea and mint pesto and chilli calamari

This lip-smacking courgetti with pea and mint pesto with chilli calamari is a delicious guilt-free meal that will leave you wanting more.

courgetti pea pasta and with calamari

Pea pesto chicken Kiev

When those busy days creep up on you and you can’t get around to the supermarket - so you end up checking the freezer for a last minute meal to whip up, grab those chicken breasts and frozen peas and liven them up with this amazing pea pesto chicken Kiev.

pea pesto chicken kiev

Kale and pea pasta frittata with chunky chimichurri pesto

Stop boiling your frozen peas only to serve them dull with a dollop of butter. Get cooking with this amazing kale and pea frittata recipe. You'll thank us!

kale and pea pasta

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