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Milk tart twists: 7 novel ways to enjoy this classic dessert

Check out these genius ways to show off the cinnamon-y sweet flavour profile of South Africa's beloved tart.

27 Feb 2020
breaking an egg into a bowl

National Milk Tart Day is a thing and we’re totally here for it. In fact, we are so excited to celebrate this glorious dairy-laden tea time treat that we’ve gone on a mission to show you just how far we can push the milk tart envelope. Take a look at some of the wondrous variations we’ve featured throughout the years - and try out your favourite! 

Milk tart pancake mille-feuille - layers of milk tart mixture sandwiched between countless layers of thin pancakes. 

milk tart recipe

Milk tart spring rolls - a novel way to nibble on milk tart, deep-fried and crunchy. 

milk tart springroll recipe

Milk tart macarons - jazz up your traditional macaron recipe with a milk tart adaption. 

milk tart macarons

Milk tart martini - booze and milk tart, what’s not to love? 

milk tart martini drink

Milk tart ice cream sandwiches - the kids will love these morsels of moreish-ness. 

milk tart

Milk tart stuffed churros - Spain meets South Africa in this cross-cultural tidbit. 

milk tart stuffed churros recipe

Milk tart sundaes - we have to mention that these are actually low carb so great for Banters!

milk tart sundae recipe

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