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Meatloaf gets a makeover with 3 marvellous recipes

Whether it’s laced with crispy bacon or infused with fruity chutney, these 3 sensational meatloaf recipes are total game-changers.

by: Robyn Brittow | 13 May 2019
Meatloaf gets a makeover

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Meatloaf... not much excitement comes to mind, does it? We can understand why; mince, onions, soaked bread and eggs baked in a loaf tin sounds awfully bland. However, mince is an easily accessible and affordable meat option used in many family favourites like bolognese and frikkadels.

Say goodbye to tiresome meatloaf by following Food24’s top tips to help you conquer this revived family dish.

1. Use fresh herbs – you can either incorporate these by chopping them into your mince mixture or use herb leaves such as basil or bay leaves to create a pattern on top of your meatloaf.

2. Mix up your mince – Don’t be afraid to use different minced meats such as chicken, lamb or pork instead of beef.

3. Add different elements to create colour and contrast such as boiled eggs, bacon or top with micro herbs.

4. A little sauce never hurt anybody – if you fear your meatloaf may not be bursting with flavour, adding a fancy mayonnaise or fresh salsa is sure to dress it up.

Try these!

Bobotie meatloaf with banana salsa

Bobotie meatloaf with banana salsa

Boiled egg and bacon meatloaf with watercress mayonnaise

Meatloaf with watercress mayo

Bacon topped chicken and spinach meatloaf

Chicken meatloaf

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