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Kitchen hacks: You may want to think twice before storing these fruits and vegetables in the fridge

Considered as a way of preserving fruits and vegetables, the fridge seems to be a great storage space to prevent deterioration, but science says otherwise.

22 Aug 2018
fruit and vegetables in fridge

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There are many ways to preserve food with the easiest method being storing fresh produce in the fridge. However, not all fruit and vegetable items prove to thrive and last when stored this way. From potatoes that turn brown after being fried and dehydrated and crystallized tomatoes, here are 5 foods you should never store in the fridge.

1. Avocados
Nothing is worse than finding a rock-hard avocado in the fridge from two weeks ago that you’ve been dreaming of mashing up to go with nachos and salsa. Storing an avocado in the fridge halts the ripening process and results in an inedible avocado a week or two after purchase.

Ideal storage: On your countertop or in the pantry.

2. Potatoes
Refrigerating potatoes can increase the amount of sugar they contain, which pumps up the chemical called acrylamide so that when the potatoes are baked, fried or roasted, the potatoes discolour.

Ideal storage: Store in a dark, cool space with good ventilation.


3. TomatoesEveryone loves a luscious yet firm tomato and that’s exactly what you will have if you don’t store them in the fridge. Storing tomatoes in the fridge will leave you with a dried up, flavourless tomato with a mealy texture.

Ideal storage: On the counter at room temperature. This will allow the flavour intensity to increase.

4. Onions
Onions need to be kept dry and in a well-aired environment to stay fresh. They should not be kept in a fridge or close to potatoes which give off moisture and gases that can cause the other vegetable to deteriorate faster. And visa versa.

Ideal storage: On the counter or pantry with good ventilation.


5. Bananas
According to, storing bananas in the fridge can cause their skin to darken but slows down the ripening process. This is the last thing you want when you've bought a bunch of slightly green bananas.

Ideal storage: You want to separate the bananas from the stem individually, and store them at room temperature, in a dark ventilated space.


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