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Keep yourself nourished with these 6 recipes during Ramadaan

Look forward to these delicious meals!

by: Jade Lawrence | 10 Jun 2016
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During the month of Ramadaan - one of the five pillars of Islam -  the Muslim community fast from dawn until sunset, abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking and sinful behaviour.

The fast reminds them of the suffering of those less fortunate and it is important to help out and give to others during this time. Staying away from pleasures, focusing on the inner self, reading the Quran (Islamic holy book) and getting more knowledge as this is also the month in which the Quran was revealed. 

After a day of fasting your body will be craving something substantial and nutrient rich. You need a good meal to keep your energy up, something that wont take too long, is healthy and fills you right up!

Here are a few healthy recipes to try out when breaking the fast at sunset:

1. Oven-roasted chicken satays

recipe, chicken, roasted

2. Creamy sweetcorn and coriander soup

recipe, soup, sweetcorn, coriander

3. Za'atar lamb chops with stuffed aubergines

recipe, lamb chops, aubergines

4. Chicken and leek casserole

recipe, chicken, leeks

5. Spiced lentil and vegetable soup

recipe, spicy, vegetables, lentils, soup

6. Baked Panzanella with grilled fish

recipe, fish, grill

- Jade Lawrence

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