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It's time to give cinnamon pride of place in these 5 Winter warming recipes

Cinnamon, tucked away in our spice rack behind the Italian herbs and braai spice, is screaming to be used in these delicious treats!

by: Robyn Brittow | 06 Jul 2019

(image: iStock)

Cinnamon has been used in the most humble of ways from its sugar and cinnamon duo in the filling of pancakes to the most delicious toppings of a milk tart or cinnamon buns...the possibilities with this spice are endless.

These 5 recipes will never make you overlook this trusty ol’ spice again!

Plum and cinnamon cake

This beautiful cake is perfect for your next book club meeting or tea time treat.

plum and cinnamon cake

Apple and cinnamon buns with salted caramel

Cinnamon buns have never looked this delicious!

apple and cinnamon buns

Cinnamon and pumpkin Bundt cake 

This moist Bundt cake screams the flavours of Winter.

pumpkin and cinnamon

Chocolate and cinnamon chia puddings

Pudding for breakfast? You can count us in.

chia and choc cinnamon pudding

Milk Tart

Of course, we saved the best for last if you ever find yourself asking “What can I do with cinnamon?” Baking a milk tart should always be the first answer. Obvs. 



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