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It’s stone fruit season in South Africa – try these 10 irresistible recipes

Start filling your fruit bowl with these juicy gems!

16 Jan 2020
plums on a tray

What would life be like without the budget-beater classic of tinned peaches and cream for dessert? While we won’t ever judge for cooking with tinned fruit, there’s something to be said about enjoying it when it’s at its seasonal peak and in South Africa, that happens to be summer. 

We produce more than 4.7 million tons of fruit, with stone fruit making up 34%. Much of our fruit is exported (in fact, just over half of it!). When we talk about stone fruit, we’re referring to the category called deciduous fruit, which includes apricots, nectarines and plums. Did you know that nectarines and peaches are some of the first fruit to be grown in South Africa after the arrival of Jan van Riebeeck in 1655? By 1892, they were the most planted trees in the Cape Colony. To this day, most of the stone fruit produced come from the Western Cape. 

The great thing about these orbs of juicy deliciousness is that they’re incredibly versatile, bringing their pizzaz to both savoury and sweet dishes. They can hold their shape when heated, and their vibrant colour adds visual appeal to almost any dish. 

We’ve selected ten Food24 recipes for you to make using this season’s stone fruit. Did we mention that they’re cheaper now, too? So load up that trolley! 


2. Lamb kebabs with Cape Malay apricot salsa

cape malay lamb kebabs with apricot salsa recipe


3. Nectarine, maple and yoghurt popsicles

4. Spatchcock Mexican chicken with nectarine salsa

5. Grilled nectarine and lentil salad 

6. Butterkuchen, grilled nectarine, labneh and dukkah

butterkuchen recipes


7. Peach, feta and pecan salad with honey

8. Peach and cranberry clafoutis

9. Plum, ginger and chilli glazed gammon

10. Spiced plum crumble bars 

spiced plum crumble bars

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